Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcoming new people to the neighborhood has become a lost art. Society has adapted a very what’s mine is mine and whats yours is yours mentality. I’ll stay over here and you stay over there. We have become so introverted and so trapped in our own minds and busyness that we have forgotten what its like to know our neighbors. To ask for a cup of sugar or even to offer a cup of sugar (so to speak). I love giving gifts and I think it’s an easy way to welcome a new person to your neighborhood. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just something that says a friendly hello. A plant, a candle, something seasonal, a muffin basket, maybe something creative like an “unpacking gift basket”, you can even make it practical. It doesn’t have to cost alot of money and it doesn’t have to take alot of time.

We recently had a nice older lady move in across the breezeway from us. It is the beginning of autumn so I knew I could find an inexpensive candle and little fall decor to get her. She saw me gardening one day and came over to talk so after that I decided to add a plant to my gift for her. 🙂 n1

I love cards and always have cards and stationery on hand, so I just whipped one of those out. Wrote a little note welcoming her to the neighborhood and letting her know if she needed anything not to hesitate to ask. n2

I left it on her door step but then as I was leaving for work I knocked on the door and offered it to her. She loved it so much. She said “that no one had every done something like that for her before” which made me sad. I spent very little money and very little time on this little gift and it meant the world to her. n3

Let’s love our neighbors. Offer help to others. Offer kindness to others. Smile and say hello. Life is lived so much better when you let people in and when we are ok with being selfless. Maybe you don’t have anyone new in your neighborhood, that’s ok. Put a little something together for your next door neighbor and have the courage to give it to them and say “I just wanted to do something kind and friendly for you, I hope you enjoy it”


That’s it, it’s that simple ❤

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